Seton Healthcare/Education

With the integration of the South Health Campus, Seton is set apart from other developments.

The South Health Campus, the city’s newest hospital will offer the latest in general and specialized healthcare. Once completed, the Campus will provide 800 beds and employ 5,000 people. What this means for Seton is that staff, visitors and patients will not only enjoy the amenities and services, but they’ll also contribute to the 24/7 vibrancy. Seton will also provide emergency services – the police and fire department – vital to south Calgary.

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Education will also be a major part of Seton’s vibrant character. Already, the South Health Campus is being promoted as a centre for wellness and heath-related instruction. This in combination with plans for a public high school, recreation centre and public library complex makes Seton a place for big ideas to grow.

Seton Healthcare and Education