The Seton Urban District

Seton is a 365-acre multi-faceted urban development unique in Calgary.

One of the most comprehensive mixed-use developments in North America, Seton’s plan includes over two-and-a-half-million square feet of office and retail space, a 16-acre regional park, public library, schools, 1300 multi-family residences, an active main street, Calgary’s new South Health Campus as well as the recently announced regional recreation centre – all serviced by the future southeast LRT. Our master plan is to encourage an eclectic, higher-density development by aligning all the necessary elements, and setting the stage for smart growth in the future.

Seton is a 15-year development stewarded by Brookfield Residential (formerly Carma Developers). It is an ambitious plan that will take time to mature, and the evolution of Seton’s downtown-like vibe requires the contribution and collaboration of the right mix of businesses and people.

With an immediate surrounding population expected to exceed 120,000 people by 2030, Seton’s amenities and services will serve the equivalent of Alberta’s third largest city.

Seton is not just another residential community, business park or shopping complex – it’s Calgary's new south, urban district.