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From business to leisure to living, Seton’s options are endless

Transportation and Accessibility

Well connected with the rest of Calgary.

Easy access to work, shopping, entertainment, healthcare and education is a crucial component of the Seton experience. Seton is located adjacent to key transportation corridors; the Deerfoot Trail, Calgary’s new ring road, 52nd Street, and the future LRT line, making this urban environment accessible to the rest of Calgary. Seton will also provide plenty of parking throughout the area, making the trip to/from and within Seton easy and convenient.

There are two LRT stations that stop at the South Health Campus/Market Street area and in the business district. In addition to both stations, the extensive pathway network will connect visitors and residents to all that Seton has to offer.

Calgary Transit has created a great system for the public to access the South Health Campus from all areas of the City. Click here to access the Calgary Transit South Health Campus Rider's Guide.

Seton Retail Locations